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End of the year is near, but you don't have to fear.

End of the year is near, but you don't have to fear.

1. Be patient
Be patient with YOURSELF.
Don't get frustrated if things don't work out right away. Change doesn't happen overnight. It takes some time. If you're trying something new, you'll go two steps forward and one step back. Applying all the principles of your Faith will cause you to grow and will help you persevere.

2. Keep moving forward
Don't give up Brother or Sister you are called to do Kingdom work.
When you feel like giving up, keep going. There's always tomorrow.

3. Remember God's love
Remember God's love is forever. He loves you no matter what. No matter how bad things seem, remember God's love.

4. Have Hope
Have hope in God's plan for your Life. Even though things may not look good, they will turn around.
The end of the year is not the only time to make changes. You can turn around at any time and start a new habit, start the business, the cleanse, the fast, Non-Profit, etc. 

5. Pray
Pray about everything. Ask God to guide you and help you make decisions for His purpose and Glory. Stop holding on to what is His. He wants us to trust Him.

6. Believe
Believe by Trusting God. Believe that he knows best. Stop holding on to what is His (Praise and Glory from the fruits of your obedience). He wants us to trust Him.

7. Stay Focused and Alert
Stay Focused and Alert by identifying the people and things that are knocking you down. Don't let negative thoughts take over.

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