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The Audrey Collection is for anyone willing to          your way.

This collection was inspired by my mother, she is gone but will not be forgotten.
She was a bold woman, she lived out loud and loved God. She learned to Define her beauty and taught all that would listen.

Do not let the world Define, what God has already Predestined.
Through her boldness, tenacity, and resilience. I too learned to Define my Beauty.
She was a woman that was not afraid to walk into church, work, or the store with bold and bright Lipstick and Blonde hair.
The next week it might be reddish-brown depending on her mood. She taught us to Live Strong, and Define our Beauty.
It is not the lipstick, or the eyeshadow those things fade, but if you are not willing to Define yourself nothing else matters anyway.
Live to please God and be okay with yourself first. 

I am passing along the same message to all of our Predestined Essentials™ customers.
Take a moment, to choose your pieces from the Audrey Collection™.

If you are like Audrey or know someone like Audrey.
Don't be afraid to Live your Life out loud and Love YOU first.
Once you've made your purchase come back and show us how you  

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