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Established: April 11th, 2021
Last Updated: January 1st, 2024

Predestined Essentials™ Return/Exchange Policy:
Due to the nature of our products and Board of Health regulations, for sanitary reasons, currently, there are No refunds all sales are final.

Exchanges will be granted for receiving the wrong product. Please refer to the wrong item policy below for further instructions.

Wrong Item received Policy:
At Predestined Essentials, we understand that while accidents do happen, it is our job to own them by responding quickly and doing everything in our power to keep your trust and faith in our company. If you receive your order and it contains an incorrect or missing item, please contact us immediately via email at

In the email, please include the following:
- Recipient name, order number, as well as a screenshot of your order summary.
- Also, include a photo upload as a source of proof that the wrong item was received. We will ensure that we process your claim quickly, and make the correction.

My personal story about an item shipped to me:
I ordered sea moss gummies for a trip I was about to take to Georgia, I wanted to make sure my immune system was boosted while on my trip. I ordered in April, the Trip was in May. Upon receiving the Sea Moss gummies from the supplier, I noticed they were white (they were pineapple-infused sea moss gummies). Once I took them out of the box and smelled them. I realized they were spoiled. I immediately took a picture and contacted the owner. This was a new business for her, and her first time sending out the Sea Moss gummies in the mail. She thought they would hold up using an ice pack. However, shipping to Arizona during the summer months caused them to sour during transit. She apologized for the incident and did offer a refund.

As business owners, we are excited about serving our customers and having you try our new products. This business owner did not plan for this to happen and stated she would make the adjustment on her end. I understood that she had no idea whether they would last or not last. It was trial and error for her as a new business owner. Here at Predestined Essentials, we would love the same respect, should you receive one of our items in such a way.
We would appreciate the same courtesy to rectify your order.

Invalid Address Policy:
As our customer, you will receive a courtesy email notification if the carrier has deemed the recipient address to be invalid.
Please note that if no response is given within 48 hours following the second attempt to contact the recipient, the parcel will be shipped out to the address given on file. 

- Please ensure that all Suite/Apt/Unit numbers and respective abbreviations are listed in ‘Address Line 2’. 
- If the recommendations above are not properly acknowledged and executed by the customer, he/she assumes all risk of not receiving his/her order.
- No refunds or exchanges will be granted. The customer will be responsible for placing a new order to receive his or her products. 

Missing Package Policy:

- Please note that when you place an order with Predestined Essentials, you agree to follow the proper protocol in the event of a missing package.

​If the carrier has deemed that your order was delivered to the address on file, but you have not received it, please check your respective leasing office and/or front desk if possible. If your parcel is still not found, please contact us via email at  For further instructions on how to file a missing package claim with the carrier. We are not responsible or liable for your package once the carrier has confirmed delivery.


WARNING: Please do not place a chargeback request before reaching out to our team, as this may forfeit your chances of receiving store credit or ordering with us in the future.

Thank you for your business.
Continued blessings to you and yours.